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Burning Passion in Bali YOFOTO (China) Held its 2016 Overseas Travel Seminar

The YOFOTO(China) overseas travel seminar in 2016 was held at the Inaya Putri Bali resort.

    YOFOTO (China) held its 2016 overseas travel seminar at the InayaPutri Bali resort on June 24th. More than four hundred marketingelites from YOFOTO attended this seminar and created an extraordinary experience.

Everyoneraised their glasses, marking the beginning of the celebration dinner.

      The dinner started with passionate openingdances. Those in attendance applauded and cheered for the beautiful songs andgraceful dances, which each displayed their unique charm. YOFOTO people spent amemorable time together in romantic Bali, hoping for an even more brilliant future. 

Theyenjoyed a fantastic night with Bali’s government officials.


    Sun Pengbo, president of the MarketingOperation Center, presented Premium Yu Fang Tang Hai Gou Wan to the minister ofthe Department of Marketing and Development of the Tourism PromotionAssociation of Indonesia on behalf of YOFOTO.

YOFOTOelites and Bali government officials enjoyed this wonderful night together.

Theperformances were wonderful.

      Graceful dances,wonderful musical performances, and pieces performed on exotic instruments werethe highlights of this dinner. At the same time, the warm and welcoming people ofBali delighted YOFOTO people by serving different kinds of local food.
     Even moreamazing was that YOFOTO provided customized cakes and presents for the attendantswhose birthdays happened to fall on the dates of the trip. They all enjoyed amost unforgettable birthday party. On a more romantic note, a couple held theirwedding ceremony before this gathering of YOFOTO people. Congratulations tothem!

Thepeople of Bali welcomed YOFOTO, their guests from afar, with their passionateethnic performances.

YOFOTOheld a birthday party in Bali, which was an exclusive honor for YOFOTO people.

Acouple had their wedding in romantic Bali, which included the local traditionalblessing ceremony.

      The celebrationdinner in Bali ended with satisfaction. YOFOTO people, bringing with passion,dreams and honor, will bring their wonderful memories of Bali with them as theykeep moving forward.

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