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        Since 2016, the number of YOFOTO Cameroon branch is always increasing, also the interest of distributors about YOFOTO is continuously increasing. Everybody is willing to learn how to succeed knowledge. Since November 2016, distributors from Cameroon every Wednesday afternoon spontaneously gathered together in the company and organize training session.

Distributor Mr. Francis spontaneously did to the products explanation everyone SANCHENG. His dream for 2017 is to become a Director 5 stars. He believe that through his effort, he can build a team which has the same dream.

4th January 2017, the New Year celebration is not yet over, the distributors spontaneously gathered in the company and as usual attends the training session.

The distributor Mr. MAGOUA Christian and the employee Mr. NGONGANG Claude having a private formation about how to present products.

This way of training is very efficient, the same night during the afternoon seminary he talk about the things he have learned, and share with everybody.

The distributor Mme ANANFACK Gaelle, now present for everybody the situation of YOFOTO Cameroon Branch.

NTCHANTCHOU GILLES standing on the stage sharing with every one.

        More and more distributors are willing to stand on the stage to present the company, products and share with everyone their own experience about YOFOTO, to help more people get health and success. This is just a good start for the creation of YOFOTO Cameroon branch, in 2017 YOFOTO Cameroon branch will set up a committee, they will together with YOFOTO company do the service for every distributor. I believe that with their help and support, distributors can get more training, support and experience sharing, cultivate one after one other distributor leader, build one after one other YOFOTO team, courageously explore the road of success, and same time also get health and wealth.

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