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Today Cameroon branch celebrate its first birthday

        One year ago, YOFOTO was completely unknown from Cameroonian public, a year later, it has now more than 500 distributors. From various places to Douala, some of them have to sit on the bus more than 10 hours. Today gathered to celebrate together YOFOTO Cameroon branch first birthday.

YOFOTO employees and distributors came earlier to clean and arrange the hall, and quietly wait invitees.

At the same time, they are preparing awards for distributors.

One hour later, the hall is full of invitees, come to participate at the celebration.

Crowd constantly increase, to sign up people are lining up from the third up to the first floor.

YOFOTO leaders for the occasion, dressed up for the circumstance.

Quickly, many people don’t have place to seat, but they would rather stand up for 4 hours to participate at the celebration.

Mme Ndjike Celestine and Mme Olloua Grace start heating up the celebration hall.

Miss Armelle, the MC annonce the official beginning of the celebration.

Mme Nguimeya Viviane, Director 2 stars welcoming the invitees.

Education manager Madame Yakoua Josiane for every one gives the review of YOFOTO Cameroon Branch first year.

The 7 leaders coming back from China where they attend the annual meeting. They are: Mme Magnigeu Victorine, Kengoum Lore, Mme Nguimeya Viviane, Mme Bitee Adelaide, Mme Ndedi Caliste, Mr Kengoum Raoul, Mr. Mvetumi Casimir. Invitees give them a loud applause.

Mr. Kengoum Raoul expresses the words of distributors who have been in China. As the way he is speaking you can know that it’s a very enjoyable experience.

Mme Moukoko singing a very beautiful and exciting song which expresses her own story about YOFOTO.

Mme Aichatou giving the awards to distributors winners of the smar tphone. The award is not only the award but also cheerful moments.

Mme Fezeu Armelle giving the awards to the distributors winners of the smart phone.

Mr. Ngonggang Claude announce the distributors winners of the smart phone. Distributors proudly present their awards.

Excellent leaders taking picture together, this is a starting point.

Mme Celestine saying words of winners.

Mme Ndedi also saying some words and share her expereinece about YOFOTO and her experience in China.

Mme Mouzong Mme Zibi Marceline talks about the magical result she has with YOFOTO’s products.

Mme Nguimeya Claire talks about the magical results she has with YOFOTO’s products.

Mme Zibi Marceline talks about the magical effect of YOFOTO products.

M. Xu Peter giving award to leaders winners of the tablets, following by the gathered pictures.

The leader coming from Bamenda Mr Mouzong Gilles sharing his career in YOFOTO.

Mme Olloua Grace also did a wonderful sharing.

The 3 leaders winners of the television. They are respectively: Mme Nana Hornilla, Mr. Tiotse Bertrand, Mr. Mvetumi Casimir. Education manager Mme Yakoua Josiane distribute awards to winners.

Education manager Mme Yakoua Josiane introduce the New Year promotion to the distributors.

Here it’s time to announce the first award! Grand award is three horsepower motorcycle, motorcycle launch, the invitees filled with the roar of motorcycles.

The crowd immediately became a sea of celebration.

Mr. Woodson distribute awards to winners.

The final 3 winners are : Madam Magnigeu Victorine Director 2 stars, Mme Kengoum Lore Director 2 stars  and  the Director 2 stars Mme Nguimeya Vivianne.

The Director 2 stars, Mme Magnigeu Victorine sharing her successful and joyful experience.

The Director 2 stars, Mme Kengoum Lore, specially thanks her down lines.

The Director 2 stars, Mme Nguimeya Viviane was hugging hers relative, that touched everybody present.

Since it’s YOFOTO Cameroon Branch birthday, how to celebrate it without birthday cake and good wine?

YOFOTO leaders together cut off the birthday cake ad share it to everyone.

Wine and food let the excitement reached the pole.

What are we waiting for?  Let’s sing together happy birthday song to YOFOTO! Dance! Take pictures with leader! Enjoy!

At the end of celebration, distributors and employees spontaneously organise the cleansing of the celebration hall, cleaning it as before. This aso reflect the excellent quality of YOFOTO Cameroon.

        One year birthday celebration of YOFOTO Cameroon will ending. Every year at this time YOFOTO will be waiting for your coming, waiting more and more people to join, 5 years, 10 years, even 100 years, YOFOTO is always on the way growing. As the Chairman Mr. Huang Jin Bao said YOFOTO, to be a corporation like a tree. Sustainably managed, moderately developed; deeply with thick leaves, prosperously operated with a brought future.

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