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BAMENDA MEETING from NOV.11th to NOV.14th, 2016

        YOFOTO keeps expanding its market in Africa. There are many YOFOTO’s distributors in Bamenda as well, which lies in faraway Northwestern Province in Cameroon. It’s very exciting to stay with the distributors, so YOFOTO is coming!

Mr. Feng, General Manager of Cameroon Branch of YOFOTO, was talking to the distributor Mr.Gilles at his home in the evening of November 11th.

YOFOTO’s distributors were doing checkups.

Education Manager Madam Josiane was introducing YOFOTO’s marketing plan.

Mr.Feng gave a special training for leaders of YOFOTO’s distributors on November 12th.

Madam Adeline practiced on the spot after the special training.

All seats were occupied in the meeting room on Nov.13th.

Education Manager Madam Josiane introduced YOFOTO for the attendants.

YOFOTO staff Mr. Claude explained health knowledge.

Product presentation by distributor Miss Linda.

Product presentation by distributor Madam Yvet.

YOFOTO’s distributors were doing checkups.

Welcome new distributors!

Everybody was so excited and touched when Favour, the daughter of YOFOTO’s distributor Miss Linda, shouted: “YOFOTO! One world, one team, one dream!”

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